May 21, 2019

Customized Portfolio for the unique needs of your business

The Kilmer Group’s Benefit Division is dedicated to customizing the proper Employee Benefits Portfolio to fit your organization’s culture.   We will work with your budget and employee needs to determine the proper medical, prescription, dental, vision, life, disability, and worksite voluntary plans to implement.  Whether you need to be fully-insured, self-funded or a combination of both, our thorough analysis will provide you with the appropriate information to make a knowledge based decision. 

Our team works closely with Human Resource Departments, Executive Management Teams, Public officials and union leaders, to identify high impact areas in order to develop strategies and policies that will allow your organization to remain competitive in today’s economy.  Our goal is to assist you in identifying your particular needs and aligning them with the proper resources to fit your culture and budget. 

We have helped clients with selecting a new Human Resource Information System, finding new funding strategies, obtaining financial forecasting, structuring bargaining unit benefits to facilitate negotiotiations, providing assistance with employee communications, wellness initiatives, ERISA compliance, ACA Reporting, and HR procedures

Our renewal process includes early renewal projections, claim utilization analysis and providing insight into areas that improve your attractiveness to underwriters.   We become your advocates to the insurance carriers, using the relationships that we have built up to negotiate the best possible deal for your company.