May 21, 2019

Employee Benefits Solutions

The Kilmer Group’s Benefits Team will assist you with the management of your Employee Benefit Portfolios.  We negotiate on your behalf to reduce costs and maximize the values of your organization's benefits including health, life, disability, and voluntary programs.

We use a consultative approach and web-based technology to provide innovative benefit solutions.  We differentiate ourselves through our expertise, our proactive service approach, unique partnerships and negotiating ability in the marketplace.

We understand the numerous challenges that employers face every day regarding the management of their employees, benefits and administration.  We use our knowledge to simplify and streamline, so that you can focus on growing your organization.

Human Resource Management Solutions: Use HR Technology & Payroll Solutions to save money and increase efficiency. 

Self-Insurance Alternatives for Employers as small as 25 participants

Employee Claims Assistance: Our relationship with Health Advocate provides assistance to your employees with their health care choices and resolution of insurance claim issues. 

Employer & Employee Information and Training- We keep you and your employees informed in today's complex regulatory environment.

ACA and Compliance Guidance- Are you aware of the numerous obligations that you are responsible for under ERISA, ACA, and PPACA?  If the Department of Labor audited your organization; would you be prepared? 

A Portfolio for the unique needs of your business- We customize the proper Employee Benefits Portfolio to fit your organization’s culture and budget.  We handle medical, prescription, dental, vision, life, disability, and worksite voluntary plans. 


"Let us Help You Reach Your Goals!"