May 21, 2019

Workers Comp Coverage

The Kilmer Group Introduces ... Keystone CompControlTM

Keystone CompControlTM Advisors believe there is more to Workers' Compensation than just having an agent provide you with an insurance policy. We find over 50% of business owners are being overcharged, and don't even know it or know why. The Workers' Compensation system is rampant with mistakes and untenable situations.

Some of them:

  • Premium audit overcharges
  • Incorrect and mismanaged experience modifiers
  • Injury costs spiraling out of control
  • Hiring unproductive, drama creating employees that drive claim costs up and negatively impact the productivity in an organization.

Keystone CompControlTM has developed practical and proven processes to improve your situation, and drive your costs down to the legal minimum you are required to pay for Workers’ Compensation year in and year out. Would you go up against the IRS without a tax expert on your side? Probably not. So why go up against the Workers’ Compensation system without your own expert.

The Keystone CompControlTM role:

  • Reduce employer’s tax on employee injuries which leads to increased profit
  • Positively impact the workplace environment
  • Create an error and mistake free Workers’ Compensation program

Take back control of your Workers' Comp!


“You’re losing money on your Workers’ Compensation Insurance”


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